Factor 75 Meal Production & Fulfillment Plant

February 23, 2024

Industrial / Commercial
Mechanical & Plumbing
General Contractor:
Milord Company
Crawford Mechanical Services was chosen to provide Mechanical and Plumbing services for the new Factor 75 meal production and fulfillment facility in Goodyear, AZ. This is the 2nd largest processing food plant in the country.  Crawford installed the HVAC and mechanical system, with RTU’s, MAU’s, EF’s, OAU’s, and EVAP’s. We installed the SS steam piping system, compressed air systems, automated equipment washing and sanitation systems, kitchen hoods with S.S. seamless ducting, large output (4) steam boilers, pumps, and water recirculating system. We also installed the overhead plumbing system to include large gang bathrooms in which we prefabbed the in-wall plumbing pipe and venting, sanitation system, hand washing stations, boot washer systems, condensation piping, and gas piping throughout. We installed pressure sensors in several rooms to control negative and positive air flow automatically, gas detection systems, and carbon detection systems.