Featured Project

Data Center Cooling Tower Replacements

Type: Data Center / Mission Critical
Location: Chandler, AZ
Objective: Replace (3) 600 ton cooling towers with (3) 800 ton cooling towers. Replace the corroded structural steel platform and install a new catwalk (service platform).

Crawford Mechanical Services reengineering at its best! When called to action, we met the challenge head on. Because the original tower had been abandoned, the structure itself, the steel surrounding the structure, and the piping had not been used for quite some time and was badly corroded. Crawford was tasked with replacing the cooling towers, structural steel platform, and custom-fitted pipe which had to be engineered and fabricated (welded) on-site to perfectly fit the new cooling towers. Thanks to the brilliance and experience of the Crawford team, we were able to lead this project with confidence and drive it to delivery, exceeding expectations and completing the project on time.

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