Topcon LN150 Crawford Mechanical Testimonial

May 18, 2023

We were quick to embrace Topcon technology and have been enjoying its robust platform, which is why the Topcon Corporation chose us to demonstrate their LN-150 layout navigator and give our testimonial on its capabilities. Click to watch

To quote the Topcon Corp., the LN-150 is “layout reinvented.” It provides us with a clear advantage when performing our underground piping and overall project layouts. The LN-150 is easy to use and the modern approach to the layout and measuring process does away with time-consuming string line and tape methods. We use the Topcon LN-150 exclusively on our projects, helping us meet scheduling demands, increase efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, and easily share data between the office and field.

Thank you to the Topcon Positioning Systems Corporation, the PKA Marketing team, Bill Stull and our friends at Branco Machinery, for giving us the spotlight to spread the word about Topcon’s capabilities.