Novarc Spool Welding Robot™

April 5, 2024

Crawford Mechanical Services is thrilled to be one of the few Mechanical Contractors in the U.S. to offer the Novarc Spool Welding Robot’s cutting-edge solution and extend this offering beyond our current markets.

This state-of-the-art welding technology is a game-changer for Crawford, the construction industry, the field of welding, and is paving the way for the future of fabrication by:

  • Boosting Productivity: Novarc SWR™ can increase pipe welding productivity by 3-5 times for carbon steel and up to 12 times for stainless steel.
  • Enhancing Quality: The SWR™’s precise movements and automated features eliminate errors and ensure consistent, high-quality welds for even the most complex jobs.
  • Improving Safety: The SWR™ protects our workers from fatigue and minimizes potential burns, eye damage, electrical shock, cuts, and other such injuries associated with welding.
  • Promoting Collaboration: The Novarc welding robot works alongside our master welders in a shared workspace. The robot can handle extreme repetitive and strenuous welding tasks, allowing our welders to focus on more skilled aspects of the job.

Contact us today and learn how the Novarc Spool Welding Robot can elevate your next project.