Protect Your Precious Data With Our Decades of Experience

Whether you’re a facility manager or IT manager, you understand the importance of uptime.

Well, that’s our specialty.  For over 15 years Crawford Mechanical Services has been offering you full data center cooling services, including:

  • Designing and consulting for constructing new computer rooms
  • Installing and servicing computer room air conditioning
  • Troubleshooting cooling problems in existing computer rooms
  • Addressing hot areas
  • Providing comprehensive maintenance programs

Our previous clients include those in medical, aeronautical and commercial industries.

Why work with us

Keeping your data centers cool is tricky. You need to control temperature, humidity and airflow to efficiently cool your cabinets. Very few companies have the experience or understanding of critical environment. We live and breath it.

So why choose us for this important job?


We have 15+ years minimizing data center downtime by properly designing, installing, and maintaining cooling systems for the west coast’s most well-known data centers.

Factory-trained and certified with Liebert Emerson and Stulz

We can install, maintain and repair your Liebert, Stulz, Data Air, APC and Air Flow equipment. So rest easy knowing we can handle your specific data center cooling needs.

Lightning-fast response time

Get a technician at your business within 2 hours if you’re in the Metro Phoenix area. This keeps disastrous downtime to a minimum.

24/7 live service for contracted customers

Data center emergencies don’t work an 8-5 job. That’s why we can provide you emergency 24/7 services—with a live technical supervisor on the phone to answer your call.

Up-to-date skills for any data center/critical environment

Practice makes perfect, and many techs don’t practice. Our techs use our on-site training center to practice different data center cooling scenarios and controls , so they’re ready at a moment’s notice to handle any job you need done.

Need a quote? Have a question?

Contact Crawford Mechanical Services online or call us the old fashioned way at 480-722-1267.

Humidification: Control humidity levels with a Stulz Ultrasonic Humidifier

Besides temperature, data centers also need to control humidity levels. In the dry southwest, humidity can easily dip too low, causing static, loss of data and damage to your hardware.

We have been installing, consulting, advising, and designing Ultrasonic Humidification systems longer than any contractor in Arizona.

We are experts in controlling to ASHRAE TC 9.9 standards

Let us show you the massive savings you can obtain in both utility and maintenance costs

We recommend installing the Stulz Ultrasonic Humidifier, which:

  • Helps keep humidity levels within what ASHRAE TC 9.9 standards require
  • Lowers cooling costs by releasing a fine cool mist that evaporates almost instantly into the air providing free cooling
  • Is 93% more energy efficient than conventional steam and IR humidifiers
  • Requires almost zero maintenance
  • Provides free cooling

Crawford is the southwest leader in designing, installing and maintaining this type of humidifier for data centers. Interested?

Contact Crawford Mechanical Services online or call us at 480-722-1267.