We Coordinate Your Installation Team so You Don’t Have to

Installing data center cooling systems today can get complicated. But we can simplify it by handling any part of the mechanical installation project for you, including:

Consulting + designing

Need direction for your data center / critical environment? We can provide you a personal account manager who will bring the appropriate experts to you to brainstorm the best air conditioning solutions for your building’s needs.

These experts can include technicians, engineers, and vendor reps. This ensures your new data center cooling system works flawlessly with to maximize energy efficiency.

Need help with controls or liquid detection?  We are experts in liquid detection and data center environment controls. We are proud to offer the full line of RLE equipment


Need a simple system upgrade or retrofit of existing equipment?  We bring over a decade of experience in retrofitting data centers in Arizona.


Want our expertise and resources to work with your contractors on a large project? We’re happy to assist!

Commercial air conditioning brands we’re trained to install

  • Stulz
  • Liebert Emerson
  • Data Air
  • Daiken

Ready to start your data center installation project?

Contact Crawford Mechanical Services online or call us the old fashioned way at 480-722-1267.

“Can we maintain what we install?”

Of course! We offer 5 maintenance plan options to keep your system working efficiently.

Learn about maintenance plans

Bonus: Say goodbye to dry with the Stulz Ultrasonic Humidifier

The southwest is hot and dry, no doubt. That’s why we suggest installing a Stulz Ultrasonic Humidifier with your new air conditioning system.

We have been installing, consulting, advising, and designing Ultrasonic Humidification systems longer than any contractor in Arizona.

We are experts in controlling to ASHREA TC 9.9 standards

Let us show you the massive savings you can obtain in both utility and maintenance costs

We recommend installing the Stulz Ultrasonic Humidifier, which:

Helps keep humidity levels within what ASHRAE TC 9.9 standards require
Lowers cooling costs by releasing a fine cool mist that evaporates almost instantly into the air providing free cooling
Is 93% more energy efficient than conventional steam and IR humidifiers
Requires almost zero maintenance
Provides free cooling

Crawford is the southwest leader in designing, installing and maintaining ultrasonic humidifiers. Interested?

Contact Crawford Mechanical Services online or call us at 480-722-1267.