Prevent Pricey Problems With Plans That Fit Your Needs and Budget

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

Looking to keep your air conditioning system running longer and more efficient? Want to reduce the number of unforeseen breakdowns?

Crawford Mechanical offers a wide variety of proactive maintenance plans that can fit virtually any budget.

Our commercial air conditioning maintenance plans

You can either:

Plan A (basic maintenance):

  • Check and test the equipment
  • Clean coils
  • Replace belts and filters as needed

Plan B (high-tech inspections only): 

  • Your facilities staff replace the filters and belts, and clean the coils.
  • We do a high-tech inspection by our factory trained technician and provide a report of any issues to you.

Plan C (covers labor): 

  • All the benefits of Plan A and B plus…
  • Covers service labor costs, excluding overtime

Plan D (covers labor + parts): 

  • All the benefits of Plan C plus…
  • Covers cost of parts, excluding compressors

Plan E (comprehensive maintenance): 

  • All the benefits of Plan D plus…
  • Covers cost of compressors and overtime

Advantages of Crawford’s maintenance plans

When you enter into one of our maintenance plans, you’ll get:

Special treatment

  • Preferred service over non-agreement customers
  • Guaranteed service response times

No surprise pricing

We offer fixed pricing, meaning no surprise charges that could hurt your budget. It also puts the responsibility of working efficiently on us.


We listen to what you need and help you get the plan that fits your budget.

Personalized service

No guessing who you need to talk to when something goes wrong. You’ll get:

  • An account manager permanently assigned to you that keeps track of your equipment’s history
  • Personal cell phone numbers of your service manager and account manager
  • 24/7 access to live operator support for any needs that arise

Need pricing?

Contact Crawford Mechanical Services online or call us the old fashioned way at 480-722-1267.